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Okay, so I don’t often do this until the end of the season when chartfag has provided us with Version 3. But I am excited about the new anime of Spring 2010 so I decided I’d talk about it right away. This is my first real post of Finding the Blue since we relocated too!

Sping 2010 Chart

So what am I looking forward to so far?

Senko no Night Raid

Usually I will judge whether or not to watch an anime based on it’s setting. Senko no Night Raid is set in 1931 which normally wouldn’t appeal to me but there seems to be some action so I will watch it anyway.Personally, I can see myself getting bored of this easily.

Arakawa Under the Bridge

What?! This just looks crazy to me because I never read the manga. The storyline looks…maybe interesting, I think it all depends on execution at this point. And I demand an explaination as to why there is a man with a star for a head, but we can only wait and see…


No official site or video at the moment orz but it is expected for April, so I will update as appropriate. As the description says, this is a collaberation between Stan Lee and Studio BONES. Stan Lee is an American artist who created Spiderman, X-MEN, Iron Man and many other Comic Book heroes, in fact there is also an Iron Man anime this spring too, but I’m not really interested. As you may know, Studio BONES is responsible for Soul Eater, Full Metal Alchemist, Eureka Seven, RahXephon and many more series I love, including the Pia Carrot movie. I’m not overly excited about this, but I think if it is done correctly it has LOADS of potential.

Angel Beats!

This may sound crazy but I don’t actually think this will live up to expectations. Why? Well, it is made by Key, so it should be excellent, but it’s like they’ve drawn too many elements from other series, school life from Clannad, supernatural elements from Haruhi (At first I didn’t care that the protagonist looks like haruhi, and then I see everyone playing guitar and I think “Hmm”) and action from CANAAN, all wrapped up into one undoubtedly tragic package.

Of course I will watch it anyway, there has been way too much hype for me to not do so. Who knows, maybe for some reason it will just work. Let’s hope it does.

Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou

So much fanservice orz There is no youtube video but you can see a PV if you go to the official site by clicking the link above. It looks very bad, maybe I will watch one episode just to see if it’s good or not, it probably won’t be.


There’s no video yet, but you can view a special manga on the official website if you want. Overall…I don’t really care much about this series, but the beauty of slice of life can only be seen once you are watching it in its entirety. Also, Takanashi is so cute, I will watch it just for her.

B Gata H Kei

Once again, no video as of yet, this is the price I pay for previewing so early. Another manga I never read, I don’t think you need a PV to tell you this is going to be outright obvious fanservice. Still, Chu-bra!! was just like that but I still enjoyed it, I think heavy fanservice is OK when it is outright and shameless as opposed to when a series uses it to pad itself out. Also, you can get a free wallpaper at the official site!! OK I am definitley watching this now, free wallpaper is an instant hook for me, but I think eroge companies have worked this out by now so I’m a bit more selective with those.

Kaichou wa Meido Sama

Okay, I have to say that this doesn’t really excite me that much. I thought that it would be awful, but apparently the manga was very good so I think this has potential to be enjoyable. You can watch the C77 PV on the official website, but once again, no youtube for us. Oh well. I’m taking a casual approach to watching this anime, nothing lost if it is terrible. Is it just me or was there a lot of stock footage on that PV? I hope that it isn’t going to be incomplete-feeling.

Uragiri wa boku no namae wo shitte Iru

Wow! What a mouthful, but most people are calling it Uraboku. Did you ever read Zombie Loan by manga duo PEACH-PIT? This series reminds me of that, which can’t be too bad. However I think there is likely to be some BL undertones, therefore I expect to see it mentioned on bangin’s blog at somepoint in the future.

Da Capo Ext.

I can’t find much information about this, but it’s been a long time since I played Da Capo and I don’t think I’m that interested anymore. This is basically a retelling and an extended version of the original Da Capo story, once again produced under Feel (Studio). You can think of this in a similar way to the remake of Kanon in 2004. Sometimes it’s nice to see the updated animation, it also means an extra wave of goods, but I don’t know what I would think if ToHeart was remade..

K-ON! Series 2

It requires no introduction, K-ON is still huge since 2009 so the momentum is still there for series 2. Personally, I enjoyed K-ON! but not as much as many other people did. Maybe I will buy a Tsumugi figure at some point, but not yet. All I can say is that I hope that the band manage to reach the Budokan this time, it was a shame to see the series go into Slice-of-life so quickly. No video yet? That surprises me. The closest thing was the K-ON! Live event.

Mayoi Neko Overrun!

Finally! We have a video! If you didn’t get your nyanko fill from Nyan-koi then you’ll be relieved to know that there is another cat-based anime. Judging by the video, it doesn’t actually seem to make much sense at all, but it’s nice to know that catgirls are not a dead moe. Whether the series will be any good however…

Kiss x Sis

Now here is a real series from Feel! Da Capo…I still don’t understand it.

Anyway, service service service is to be expected, but the manga was funny and enjoyable. I haven’t seen any of the OVA though, in fact I didn’t know there was an OVA at all, but there will be a 4th OVA episode in June 2010 so it is almost running concurrently to the anime series. It’s going to be airing on AT-X, so remember to take that as a warning.

Shin Koihime Musou – Otome Tairan

What started as a very good ADV eroge got adapted into a ‘just OK’ anime series with a shocking yuri scene. Did any of you watch Shin Koihime Musou? It was terrible wasn’t it? But I still watched anyway. It’s like being pulled into a black hole, you know it’s dangerous but you just want to see how bad it can get before you only hurt yourself further. At this point I am just waiting to see more Sousou x Kan’u action.


Yutori-chan!!! Since I loved MOETAN so much, whenever I see something new from POP I can’t help but be interested. Yutori-chan is the first ever anime to be distributed via e-mail, so you can watch it on your computer or on your mobile-phone. There will be minigames, chat sessions and other goodies from Yutori-chan available on the website too. I’m so excited for this series, I’ve signed up to recieve emails already. I was going to write a guide for non-japanese speakers to sign up  for the episodes too, but then I realised that if you can’t understand Japanese then it’s no use trying to watch the episodes because they won’t be translated. A fansub group will probably sub them because of easy distribution.

Excited too? You can watch 4 PVs on this youtube channel but I’m not sure if it’s the official channel or not.


Okay, so everyone is disappointed that this is an OVA, personally I don’t mind. I ordered the BRS figure but I am glad it was delayed because I decided to cancel. I don’t really like the song and after a while I began to tire of the character design. I will watch it anyway, because it’s  Black Rock Shooter.

Gundam Unicorn

I thought this was going to be a full series! orz

Well, I’m not a big fan of Gundam, but lately I’ve been getting into it more and I don’t want to have to watch Gundam SD again… Let’s hope it’s a good OVA series (6 episodes are planned and they are 50 minutes long apparently). It’s also to be released internationally, I don’t really know what that means but maybe you will be able to view it on TV networks across the world.

So…that’s what we have to look forward to in upcoming months. I can’t wait for summer, it’s my favorite month and always feels good to watch anime in the sun whilst relaxing. 2010 may be the return of some good anime finally as we begin to head out of the financial slump.

On an unrelated note, I plan on recording an exclusively Hatsune Miku trance mix tonight. It’s completely digital, no CD rips or DJ hardware, totally software. I did a few practices with some other tracks on pure digital and…it’s difficult to make it sound good but I hope that I will produce something worthwhile of posting in the creation corner. It should be about an hour long, and even tell a story!



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  1. About Arakawa under the Bridge:
    The man with a “star” for a head… that was supposed to be his hair. And he’s supposed to be a Kappa.

    • Ah, I am not referring to the Kappa. I mean the man in the image on the chart smoking next to the Kappa. Sorry that I did not make this clear.

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