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1st Addition – Hatsune Miku Trance Set

This set was done 100% digitally: All music was purchased in MP3 format, no CDs or TTs. It was entirely mixed using software and no hardware aside from speakers. Yes, not even headphones were used. I did this to fit with the digital theme of hatsune miku (Virtual singer with synthesised voice) and it came out worse than expected. Beatmatching was synced so it was a little bit off, and EQs could only be managed one at a time (this is a bad way to mix trance).

A few months ago I was VERY ill and only had a laptop because I was stuck in bed, I used DJ software to mix and I wondered what it would be like if people DJ’d just like this. The answer is: very badly. I’m much better now but decided to give it a go because Hatsune Miku’s world is entirely digital. A lot of these songs had no real intro or outro like normal trance songs either, so it was uphill all the way orz

Simply: If you like vocaloid and aren’t a big trance fan, you may like it. If you love trance but don’t care for vocaloid you will hate it.


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